Black jack tips insurance

The black jack tips insurance have to be carefully understood before hitting the pool for a game. The black jack is considered to be one of the most famous card games since 1950’s. There are plenty of reasons for the popularity of black jack. One of the main reasons is considered to be that it is one among the few games available in casinos where players are able to make decision on the next move. Each and every time any wrong move is made by the player, the money will be reduced in a long run. But there are few strategies which can help any person to keep their bankroll going for a longer time.

Black jack tips insurance as one of the methods

There are people who go craze while playing the games at casinos. Most of them do not win a dime but still desire to play and bet more. Some of the games are considered to be that addictive. Black jack tips insurance is the one which make them play more. For all those people who have nothing to bet but still want to continue, casinos offers different offers. Black jack tips insurance bets are considered to one of the best method which attracts the player to play more. This is also a method by which most of the casinos are making most of its money daily.

There are certain conditions only on which the casinos will be willing to offer Black jack tips insurance. The insurance will be offered only when the dealer presents the ace up card. The player is offered to make separate wager, this wager will be precisely half of the original wager, that the other card of the dealer is 10. The wager pays about 2 to 1 odd, but importantly the chance of winning by a player will be only 30 percent.

Most of the times professional card counters will make the move to take Black jack tips insurance. If the player is an expert or an amateur, with the basic skills and strategies this move is considered to be a bad bed as per the opinion by professional players.

Black jack tips insurance – reasons not to take it

The black jack tips insurance bets which are provided by casinos are considered to be a good idea while playing the blackjack game. It has the ability to cover your back if the dealer possesses a natural blackjack. The best part is that, for about 80 percent cases the dealer will not be having the natural blackjack. Hence you will be losing as there is 80 percent chance for dealer to win. So this is not a good idea.

Here is some detailed information about why not to choose the option of black jack tips insurance. The dealers card most of the time happens to be ace, this will make you take the insurance bet thinking of winning half of your bet considering that the dealer might have blackjack but for 80 percent cases the dealer wont have it and hence you will end up loosing additional 50 percent more than what you would have without black jack tips insurance.

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